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• Cryoablation of
• Breast Pain
• Cyst Aspiration
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• Risk Factors for
   Breast Cancer

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Care of the Breast Cancer Patient

• After Surgical Treatment
  of Breast Cancer
• Lumpectomy
• Mastectomy
• Sentinel Node Biopsy
• Axillary Lymph Node
• Lymphedema
• Breast Reconstruction
• Radiation Therapy

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What We Do

The Center for Advanced Breast Care offers comprehensive and holistic services for women with all forms of breast problems. Our approach combines state-of-the-art medical care with a nurturing, individualized approach. We want every woman to feel that her needs have been met in a warm and supportive environment.

Our programs are available to all women. Women can be self-referred or referred by their primary care physicians or other specialists. Women come to us because they have problems such as breast pain, a breast lump or mass, nipple discharge, an abnormal mammogram, or because they are at high risk for developing breast cancer. We also have experience treating adolescent, male, and pregnancy-related breast problems.

We provide thorough evaluation and diagnostic services, including in-office ultrasound as well as other diagnostic imaging at area medical facilities including MRI, PEM Scan, and Mammography. Our breast surgeons are skilled in the latest treatment and evaluation techniques, including core needle biopsies guided by ultrasound or stereotactic mammography, and mammosite catheter insertion.

We have the experience and expertise to effectively treat women with benign (non-cancerous) conditions such as fibrocystic changes, fibroadenomas, nipple discharge, and breast pain.

If breast cancer surgery is required, our practice performs breast-conserving lumpectomies on approximately 70 percent of women – far more than the national rate. We are also involved in clinical research activities to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.

We are happy to provide second opinion consultations to give women the information, confidence, and understanding to make the best decisions related to their care and treatment.

We have a strong focus on comprehensive patient education, including genetic testing and counseling, preoperative and postoperative education, and training and education on breast health. We provide educational seminars on topics of interest for women with breast cancer, a history of the disease, or who have a higher risk for developing breast cancer.

In addition, we offer Integrative Services such as massage, nutrition counseling, psycho-social support, physical and occupational therapy, and lymphedema testing and management.

Our services are available at our offices in Arlington Heights and Elk Grove Village.

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