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Benign Conditions of the Breast
Cyst Aspiration

What is a breast cyst?
A breast cyst is a lump that is a fluid-filled sac. Breast cysts are almost always benign (not cancer).

How can the doctor determine the breast lump is a cyst?
A breast lump can be evaluated by ultrasound to see if the lump contains fluid. Your surgeon or sometimes the radiologist uses this first to make the diagnosis and can also use ultrasound to do a cyst aspiration.

What is cyst aspiration?
Cyst aspiration is a process your surgeon uses to take the fluid out of a cyst.

How is cyst aspiration done and when is it used?
Cysts, although usually benign, can cause pain. By removing the fluid, the cyst is gone and the pain resolves. Sometimes the surgeon or radiologist uses aspiration to make a diagnosis that a lump is actually a cyst. Cyst aspiration can be done in an office and can be done with or without ultrasound.

Is the cyst fluid sent to the lab for analysis?
Unless the fluid appears bloody or appears to be infected, it is unnecessary to send the fluid to the lab.

Does a cyst ever need to be biopsied or removed?
If a cyst is a complex cyst made of both solid and fluid components, it may be biopsied or some of the cells sent to the lab for analysis. If the same cyst is drained and recurs a number of times, it may be removed for further analysis.

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